lead generation consulting

The beginning of my career (Mid 2000’s) was in sales, I spent time as a lumber trader as well as a transportation broker.

What was difficult was that I could only speak with one customer at a time – at the end of the day I would have somewhere around 6 “real” phone calls.

95% of the time I was calling people that did not want to speak to me – they already had a provider or would just hang up the phone. However the 5% of people that were interested in what I had to share were excited to hear from me.

I wanted to learn how to get in front of people that wanted my services and thats what brought me to learn about Google Adwords and the power of online advertising.

I learned the ropes from a Google Adwords Guru, who was running international campaigns in multiple languages and had millions of keywords running all at once.

Over the past 10 years I’ve worked as a consultant servicing businesses all over the world as well as being part of teams where I empowered their lead generation and sales efforts. 

I love to learn

The power of experience is exponential – I have seen what works and what doesn’t work in multiple markets and every single new business that I chat with brings a new learning experience.

Being part of a SAAS Startup taught me about long sales cycles and the importance of touch points (Email marketing, social media) as you’re bringing users down the sales funnel to keep them engaged

Living abroad taught me about the travel industry and the power of reviews to drive demand for local businesses.

I’m motivated by watching businesses grow and being part of the growth process and the learnings that comes from it – it’s exciting!